SWIISH GUT FIBRE Cleansing Powder

An all-natural, unflavoured soluble fibre supports digestion, cleansing, and nourishment of the gut, fostering a thriving digestive system.

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Your skin’s condition reflects your gut’s health; inflammation or dysbiosis in the gut can lead to skin issues due to a lack of vital nutrients. Prioritize nutrition to support the gut-skin connection, focusing on soluble fiber such as SWIISH GUT FIBRE Cleansing Powder.

This gentle soluble fiber encourages a balanced gut microbiome and regular bowel movements, essential for gut health and preventing sluggishness. Additionally, fiber supports hormone balance by aiding in the elimination of excess hormones, preventing reabsorption into circulation and maintaining equilibrium.

Benefits Include:

  • Exceptional prebiotic source
  • Strengthens and diversifies the gut microbiome
  • Nourishes beneficial gut bacteria
  • Cleanses the digestive system gently
  • Provides fibre without irritating the gut
  • Promotes healthy cholesterol levels
  • Enhances hormonal health and energy production


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