Hydrogen Health Water Bottle

Experience water revitalisation in 3 minutes! Hydrogen Health’s innovative bottle mirrors nature’s purity, backed by 40 years of water science.



Hydrogen Health offer a daily hydration essential that tackles impurities, replenishes minerals, and reinvigorates the energetic composition, all grounded in advanced water science.

This compact bottle integrates scientifically proven hydrogen, the most readily absorbed and potent antioxidant, into an optimal water format to counter cellular damage and age-related oxidative stress.

Simply fill, press, and sip. Enjoy purified, filtered, hydrogen-infused water within minutes.

How It Works?

With the press of the button, water is split into hydrogen and oxygen gas in an electrolysis process. This hydrogen gas infuses into the water creating antioxidant (energy giving) water with maximum bioavailability.

SPE/PEM Technology

Using advanced Solid Polymer Electrolyte (SPE) and Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) technology, the infusion of pure H2 delivers a high-concentration hydrogen with the removal of other gases, specifically chlorine.

Portable USB Charging

The powerful battery life is coupled with the ability to charge on the go with the USB port or with the power adapter at a wall outlet allow you to create hydrogen water anytime, anywhere.

Research-Backed Benefits Include:

  • Brain protection
  • Enhanced mood
  • Improved joint health
  • Increased performance and recovery
  • Improves metabolism
  • Enhanced internal health
  • Skin health boost
  • Combats allergies
  • Hearing loss prevention
  • Eye protection
  • Heart health support
  • Liver protection


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