How a Simple Touch Can Change Your Life

Elle Louise McBride

Imagine if the power of a simple touch could permanently shift emotional disturbances, stress, and traumatic memories. Well, with Havening Techniques, it can!

Meet Elle Louise McBride, a compassionate practitioner and expert in trauma-informed Havening Techniques and Neuro Self Care. In this intimate conversation, Elle shares her personal journey from navigating grief to becoming a leading figure in neuro self-care.

Through Elle’s insights, we discover how neuroscience-based Havening Techniques gently rewire our brains, releasing the grip of traumatic memories and anxiety while nurturing emotional resilience. 

Trauma, Healing, and Self-Discovery

Elle’s personal story is one of resilience and transformation. Growing up in the shadow of her parents’ grief, she navigated feelings of being unwanted and lost. “I felt like I was too much… I had these big questions that nobody could answer,” Elle recalls. Her journey through depression and anxiety mirrors the silent struggles many face with invisible burdens.

The Havening Technique: A Neuroscience Perspective

Havening Techniques, as Elle explains, are rooted in neuroscience, offering a profound shift in the brain’s response to trauma. By engaging the amygdala and prefrontal cortex, Havening induces delta waves, akin to deep sleep, disarming emotional charges tied to painful memories. Elle’s work makes healing not only possible but also accessible through science-infused techniques.

Transformational Echoes through Touch

Elle’s approach to healing resonates deeply with the body’s language of comfort and resilience. Through therapeutic touch, she orchestrates profound transformations, nurturing the mind’s innate tendency towards balance and harmony. Her work extends beyond traditional therapy, offering a natural and efficacious tool for anyone seeking solace.

Self Empowerment and Possibilities

At the heart of Elle’s transformative approach is the empowering concept of personal agency in healing. By equipping individuals with the ability to independently apply Havening Techniques, she facilitates a shift from reliance to self-reliance. This empowerment extends its influence beyond individual healing, creating ripples that impact communities and reshape societal attitudes towards trauma and recovery.

With Havening techniques as a lighthouse, Elle illuminates a path towards transformation—turning trauma into triumph, one touch, one delta wave, and one breakthrough at a time. 

If this conversation resonated with you, connect with Elle on Instagram or explore her website. May Elle’s journey inspire you to seek the support of a practitioner or embark on your own Havening experience.

Megan Zischke
Megan Zischke
Passionate Life Coach, Founder of The Wholistic Collective, and Host of The Wholistic Life Podcast. As the visionary behind The Wholistic Collective, Megan cultivates a thriving community through the Wholistic Health Directory, emphasising unity and shared growth.

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