She’s here, She’s Listening: Rosanna’s Stand for A Better Future

Rosanna Natoli

With over three decades of calling the Sunshine Coast home, Rosanna Natoli, a seasoned journalist, lecturer and current mayoral candidate, is deeply connected to the region. 

In this heartfelt conversation, she shares her unwavering commitment to preserving the essence of the Sunshine Coast while addressing the challenges of growth and change. 

Join us as we explore Rosanna’s approach to community-focused leadership, emphasising transparency, listening, and genuine engagement, ahead of the upcoming election this Saturday. 

Sustainable Growth

Rosanna is all about safeguarding our region’s unique vibe while tackling the challenges of growth head-on. With 200,000 more residents expected in the next two decades, she emphasises the crucial role of infrastructure development to prepare for this growth.

Her game plan? Protect those green spaces, stop urban sprawl, and hold onto what makes our area special. Rosanna’s vision includes purpose-built communities around transport hubs, blending homes and businesses with plenty of trees and greenery. Plus, she’s pushing for better public transit, like more buses and easy hop-on, hop-off services, to ease traffic and make getting around a breeze for everyone.

Affordable Housing and Cost of Living

The Sunshine Coast is in the midst of a housing crisis, marked by soaring prices and scarce options. Rosanna is fully aware of the economic and social ramifications and champions creative fixes. She suggests allowing tiny homes on rural properties, with strict rules to maintain the area’s rural charm, offering relief to the housing shortage and extra income opportunities for farmers.

Beyond housing, Rosanna understands the weighty burden of living costs for Sunshine Coast residents. She’s determined to keep affordability front and centre in council decisions, recognising the financial strain many face. By prioritising affordability, Rosanna aims to build a more inclusive and sustainable community for everyone.

A Brighter Tomorrow

Rosanna’s campaign is all about trustworthy and transparent leadership. Seeing the community’s frustration with decision-making and a lack of meaningful consultation, she promises to be the people’s voice, actively listening and representing their concerns.

In her vision, Rosanna sees a council focused on serving the community, prioritising their needs above all else. She advocates for decisions made together with the public, steering clear of one-sided council directives. By fostering open communication and meaningful consultations, Rosanna aims to rebuild trust and make sure council decisions genuinely serve the community’s interests.

Every Vote Matters

We can’t complain about what happens to us, the people around us, or our community, if we don’t vote. Take a moment to learn about the candidates in your area, see what they stand for, and then decide who is worthy of your vote.

Rosanna Natoli’s mayoral campaign for the Sunshine Coast is driven by her passion to protect the region’s unique identity and foster a thriving community for future generations.

But what sets her apart? It’s not only her dedication to transparent governance; she’s also focused on sustainable growth, better infrastructure, affordable housing, and enhanced public transport. Rosanna stands out as the candidate who genuinely listens to the hopes and concerns of Sunshine Coast residents. Explore more of what Rosanna stands for here.

Megan Zischke
Megan Zischke
Passionate Life Coach, Founder of The Wholistic Collective, and Host of The Wholistic Life Podcast. As the visionary behind The Wholistic Collective, Megan cultivates a thriving community through the Wholistic Health Directory, emphasising unity and shared growth.

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