Solidteknics AUS-ION™ 26cm Frypan

Crafted from clean, seasoned Australian iron, this frypan is perfect for everyday frying, baking, grilling, and searing needs.


This versatile frypan is suitable for all heat sources, indoors and out, seamlessly transitioning from stovetop to oven, pizza oven, or campfire. Free from synthetic coatings, these pans are made of clean iron with natural seasoning, as done for centuries. Pre-seasoned with non-GMO rice bran oil, they are ready for immediate use and will develop seasoning with every cook. Backed by a multi-century warranty, this pan is destined to become cherished family heirlooms.


  • Australian Made
  • Material: Australian Wrought Iron
  • Dimensions: 26cm



Products are made from stainless steel with a non-toxic surface, free of harmful chemicals such as PFOAs, PFTEs, lead, and cadmium.


Designed in Australia and manufactured in China, The Low Tox Project is dedicated to creating items from toxin-free, durable, and recyclable stainless steel. They build strong supplier and customer relationships through transparency, empowering others to embrace healthier and more sustainable lifestyles.


The Low Tox Project is rooted in low tox living principles, prioritising products that are beneficial for both people and the planet. Their offerings consist of non-toxic, durable, and recyclable materials, reflecting their commitment to sustainable and healthy living.


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