How to Balance Work and Wellness in Business

Megan Zischke

I‘m all about keeping it real and giving you a peek behind the scenes of my life and business, not just the polished highlights. In today’s fast-paced and individualistic society, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and disconnected. I often found myself striving for success and happiness on my own, without realising the power of community and collective development.

So, guess what? I recently had this heart-to-heart chat with my friend Georgia Refalo on her show. It was pretty raw and honest, and I couldn’t help but feel like you needed to hear it too.

We talked about the power of community, why asking for help is a game-changer, and took a jab at the whole self-made success idea. Turns out, supporting each other is where the real value is at.

Big shoutout to Georgia for letting me share our convo with you here too! 

Prioritisation and Intentionality

One of the first steps in building a holistic life is to prioritise and be intentional about the choices I make. I emphasise the importance of identifying what truly matters to me and aligning my actions with my values. I share my own experience of transitioning from a nine-to-five job to a portfolio lifestyle, where I work on my business, organise events, and dedicate time to my involvement in church. My approach is centred around doing what I love and finding balance in my various roles and responsibilities.

I highlight the need to let go of the pressure to conform to a specific morning or evening routine. Instead, I encourage individuals to focus on what feels good and serves them in the present moment. Everyone is unique, and what works for one person may not work for another. By being intentional and choosing activities that align with our values and goals, we can create a sustainable and fulfilling routine that supports our overall well-being.

“It’s making conscious choices, knowing the flow and effect as well. Because if you’re doing something with no intention…then why are you doing it?…If it’s not serving you on some level, then why are you forcing yourself to do things?”

My approach challenges the notion that we must adhere to a rigid set of self-care practices or follow a specific routine to be successful. I encourage individuals to listen to their own needs and find what works best for them. Whether it’s going for a walk, meditating, or simply watching an episode of a favourite show, the key is to be intentional and present in the activity. By doing so, we can create a sense of balance and fulfilment in our daily lives.

The Power of Community

Another significant theme that emerged from our conversation is the power of community. I believe that community is not just a place but a feeling. It’s about creating spaces where individuals can come together, support one another, and collectively develop. I emphasise the importance of leaning on others and recognizing that we don’t have to navigate life’s challenges alone.

I share my own experience of reaching out to someone I didn’t know on Instagram and how that vulnerable conversation led me to find the support I needed. I highlight the value of finding practitioners and resources that align with our unique needs and goals. The Holistic Collective, which I have been building over the years, serves as a wellness hub where individuals can find practitioners, health and wellness tips, and a supportive community.

“When you look at the wholistic collective directory, for starters, you can go through and you can find people in person, you can find people online…our mission is to create a global community of health…mind, body, and spirit.” 

The Wholistic Collective directory provides a platform for individuals to connect with practitioners who can support them on their health journey. It recognizes that health encompasses not only physical well-being but also mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects. By creating a space where individuals can find resources and support, the Wholistic Collective aims to enhance overall well-being and foster a sense of unity and shared growth.

Self-Motivation to Community Motivation

A key aspect of building a holistic life is shifting our mindset from self-motivation to community motivation. I emphasise the importance of recognising that we are all interconnected and that our actions can have a ripple effect on those around us. I encourage individuals to focus on service and how they can contribute to the greater community.

“We’re having a human experience…there is so much untapped into the spiritual space that we just discount…everything that we do is based on love…you’re either living in love or you’re living in fear.” 

I highlight the role of faith and spirituality in our health journey. I share my own experience of finding faith and how it has helped me navigate challenges and find purpose. By embracing a sense of spirituality, we can cultivate a deeper connection with ourselves and others and approach life with love rather than fear.

Building a holistic life requires prioritisation, intentionality, and a shift from self-motivation to community motivation. By identifying what truly matters to us and aligning our actions with our values, we can create a sustainable and fulfilling routine that supports our overall well-being. The power of community cannot be underestimated, as it provides a space for support, growth, and collective development. 

By leaning on others and recognising that we don’t have to navigate life’s challenges alone, we can create a sense of unity and foster a holistic approach to health and well-being. As we continue on our individual journeys, let us remember the importance of community and the potential impact we can have on each other’s lives. Together, we can build a more wholistic and connected world.

More from Georgia Refalo

Talking about the significance of community and the value of seeking help is one thing, but incorporating these principles into our daily lives is another. There’s genuine worth in mutually supporting each other, and there’s a profound joy the comes from actively participating in a community. It’s crucial to recognise that the expression of these ideas varies for everyone, yet it all begins with embracing vulnerability.
I’m truly grateful for the opportunity to share this conversation with you, and I trust that you’ll find enjoyment in listening to more of Georgia’s inspiring conversations on the Grow Til’ You Glow Podcast
Megan Zischke
Megan Zischke
Passionate Life Coach, Founder of The Wholistic Collective, and Host of The Wholistic Life Podcast. As the visionary behind The Wholistic Collective, Megan cultivates a thriving community through the Wholistic Health Directory, emphasising unity and shared growth.

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