Forget New Years Resolutions, Try This Instead

The Wholistic Life Podcast - Georgia Refalo

Have you ever stopped to imagine yourself at 80, looking back on your life? What are the core values that have shaped your journey, the ones others recognise you for, and that fill you with pride?

My guest today did exactly this when she found herself grappling with self-esteem issues and negative self-perception. Feeling different from her peers and constantly comparing herself to others, Georgia Refalo knew it was time to make a change.

In this podcast conversation, we’ll explore the art of balancing health, fitness, and life. Not only is Georgia a mental health advocate but also a mindset mentor who has learned to align her life with her core values for a healthier and more fulfilling life.

Georgia’s journey stands as a powerful example of resilience, self-discovery, and the quest for a balanced life. Come with us as we explore the valuable insights she has gained along her path and discover an easy practice for aligning your values as the new year approaches. I’m confident you’ll find her story inspiring and insightful.

A Misguided Start

At just 16, Georgia joined a gym with the initial goal of changing her physical appearance to conform to societal ideals. Fitness also became Georgia’s way of coping with the depression and anxiety that clouded her final years of school. While it provided some temporary relief, it couldn’t address the underlying emotional struggles she faced. 

After completing her schooling, Georgia became a certified personal trainer and started her journey in dietetics and nutrition. She immersed herself in the fitness world, only to find that many shared the same unhealthy mindsets about fitness, making her journey more challenging.

Working as a personal trainer in a high-intensity group fitness gym, Georgia’s health rapidly declined. She experienced symptoms like constant PMS, lack of recovery, and even lost her menstrual period for a year. Shockingly, her obsession with fitness and appearance led her to disregard her body’s distress signals.

Georgia eventually reached a pivotal moment of realisation: her understanding of health needed a complete overhaul. She understood that despite appearances, her body wasn’t functioning correctly, which motivated her to explore holistic alternatives.

Disheartened by the conventional healthcare system’s slow progress, Georgia turned to naturopaths and acupuncture for guidance. Acupuncture, in particular, played a significant role in her healing journey, offering her a sense of calm and balance she had never experienced before. Her acupuncturist also helped her reshape her beliefs about health, pushing her towards a holistic approach.

A New Perspective on Health

Transitioning to a holistic approach to health, Georgia made gradual changes. She reduced the intensity of her workouts, incorporating activities like walking and strength training. It took time for her mental state to align with these physical changes.

As she shifted away from her high-intensity fitness regimen, Georgia faced burnout and depression. She took the courageous step of leaving her job at the gym, which had been a major source of stress and overexertion. This shift was difficult because, as she discovered, societal pressures frequently prioritise productivity and fitness.

Throughout her journey, Georgia delved deep into self-discovery and introspection. She recognised that life is about more than just fitness and productivity, and her struggles with depression served as a catalyst for reevaluating her beliefs about health and well-being.

Georgia’s journey teaches us that holistic health encompasses far more than mere physical appearance and external expectations. It’s about understanding your unique needs and committing to self-care, both mentally and physically. Her story is a reminder of the importance of listening to your body, seeking help when necessary, and evolving to achieve genuine well-being.

Values as Guideposts

Georgia emphasises the importance of defining your core values and using them as guideposts in life. She encourages us to reflect on the values we want to be known for when we look back at our lives. What matters most to you? 

One life-changing lesson that emerges from the conversation is the distinction between setting goals and living by your values. While goals may evolve, your values remain constant guideposts, ensuring that your actions align with what truly matters to you.

Georgia’s own journey led her to become a mental health advocate and a mindset mentor. She’s passionate about helping others navigate life’s complexities by redefining their values and living authentically. She understands the challenges of toxic mindsets and external pressures and equips individuals with the tools to reframe their beliefs.

I hope you found Georgia’s story as inspiring as I did. If you’re facing a crossroads or seeking a more fulfilling life, remember that you don’t need to wait for a New Year’s resolution to redefine your values. Start today, and you can enter 2024 with a strong sense of direction and purpose, firmly rooted in your core values.

Megan Zischke
Megan Zischke
Passionate Life Coach, Founder of The Wholistic Collective, and Host of The Wholistic Life Podcast. As the visionary behind The Wholistic Collective, Megan cultivates a thriving community through the Wholistic Health Directory, emphasising unity and shared growth.

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