Tamara Grysiewicz

Integrated Wellness Clinic


About Tamara

Tamara is a degree qualified Naturopath and her interest in holistic medicine has stemmed from a series of reproductive health conditions including endometriosis, PCOS, fibroids and Hashimoto’s thyroiditis when conventional medicine wasn’t digging deep enough to relieve the associated symptoms. Starting out as an assistant to the head naturopath of one of Australia’s leading fertility clinics, she was given valuable insight into the healing power of nature and the gut-brain connection.

Working with you is...

Focused on exploring the root cause of a patient’s disease. I resolve health concerns with an honest and empathetic approach utilising current, evidence-based, and holistic health solutions and evokes long-term results by taking an extensive case history.

I am passionate in liberating patients from the debilitating symptoms often experienced due to hormonal dysregulation and loves supporting couples in their fertility journey to create healthy babies. I also have a keen interest in stress support, postpartum health, gut complaints, autoimmune concerns including thyroid conditions, and children’s wellbeing.

Tamara Grysiewicz