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About Jess

Kinesiology is a natural, holistic therapy that uses a technique called muscle monitoring as a biofeedback tool to detect and resolve stress in the body. Muscle monitoring allows the Kinesiologist to have direct communication with the client’s central nervous system, as the change in the tone of the muscle (which is controlled by the CNS) as a response to a certain stimulus indicates if the body has stress in relation to that stimulus. This allows the practitioner to be able to identify the root cause of stress specific to that individual based on the changes in the indicator muscle. The body can then indicate, what it requires to resolve the stress, which subsequently restores the body’s innate healing capacity.

Jess empowers clients to get back in the drivers seat of their life – to unlock their highest potential and build the life they have always wanted to live. She supports my clients across all aspects of their self healing journey – at an emotional, physical, nutritional, energetic and spiritual level.

Through the use of this beautiful, gentle therapy – we can release old patterns and programming, and let go of limiting beliefs that are holding you back from reaching your highest potential! Are you ready to expand and uplevel your life?

Working with you is...

An opportunity to feel seen, heard and held in a safe space. An empowering an expansive experience. Take your power back, so that your body can do the job it was made to do – self heal!
Jess Dempster